Monsters, Freaks, Weirdos, & Oddballs

Imagine a world where the weirdos who live among us are not misfits, but rather the majority of society. This is the inspiration for Berlin-based artist, Johan Potma, who was originally from Holland. Potma was introduced to the world of painting and illustration through the visual world surrounding the skateboarding scene and most of his work is made with acrylics and collage. The artist paints his fantasy freak scenes, on discarded box lids, cigarette boxes and blocks of wood from other times, which allows the cracks, old nails, stains, and dents to represent a piece of history. Each one of Potma’s enchanting characters tells an amazing tale that leaves you wishing you could dive right in to the page!

Potma is the co-owner of 2 galleries in Berlin: Zozoville Gallery and Onkel Zozo Gallery. He has worked with several huge clients, including Playboy, Nickelodeon, and Pepsi. Check out more of the artist’s intriguing outcasts on his Facebook page.

Via: Reddit

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