The Many Faces of the Internet User

The Internet has graduated from its days of being the wild wild west, into a budding modern menagerie of personalities, personas, and psychos. You are likely to encounter several of these types of personalities as you browse through your feeds at Tumblr, Facebook, Mashable, Reddit, 4chan, Gawker, and your favorite design/art/music blogs. The Internet can be a confusing thing to navigate, and a journey into the dark heart of its users can help educate you about their different personalities.

These personalities rear their ugly heads every time we sign into our favorite websites. From timelines littered with regurgitated headlines and fanciful political speeches emphasizing their polarizing point of view, to people hijacking your Reddit comment by hounding you about where you got the information for your opinions, or even correcting a comment on a Mashable article you read. There are so many different types of people out there on the Internet… where do you fit in?

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