Bohemian Dreams in Digital Art

Somewhere between the work of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam lies the beautifully imaginative art of Alexander Jansson. His digital painting style is full of fuzzy fauna, twisted flora and plenty of stylish victorian houses… all with the dark and mysterious look you would expect in some bohemian’s dream. The deliciously rich and inviting colors beg your eye to explore the many layers of detail: lighted homes on elephants backs, glowing lanterns over shimmering water. It’s a world that looks thrilling and rewarding to inhabit.


Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Jansson now lives and works in Gothenburg where he runs his own design studio, Sleeping House. He specializes in creating cover art, illustrations, character design, concept art and graphic design, all in his signature “Greenpunk” style. He has worked with clients as diverse as The New York Ballet, Filter Magazine, Random House and Clarion Books. Be sure to check out some of his animation work at the bottom of this post, then see more of his work on his website or his blog (where you can find a really sweet looking 2012 calendar).

Ready to see this art animated? Here’s a teaser trailer for some of Alexander Jansson’s work on Romone Bosco:


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