Fake Japanese Characters Market Fake Products

Japanese culture is famous for its highly unique character design… from the iconic Hello Kitty, to artistic manhole covers and sometimes totally weird product mascots. To many eyes, these characters don’t even make much sense with what they are selling… but that’s a big part of the charm. Taking his cues from this unusual design sense, Argentinian artist Juan Molinet is creating an entire series of fake Japanese characters marketing equally fake products. The colorful figures are quirky and completely spot-on.

When was the last time you saw a living squid ice-cream pop? Molinet’s designs bring his products to life in slightly creepy humanistic form, with legs and arms, or at least tentacles. His characters market everything from marshmallows and blocks of cheese, to steam whistles and sweet salami. Every piece of the designs, including the creative type, are his own creations.

Molinet’s work has been in demand from respected clients world-wide, and he brings his custom characters to each customer. He’s worked on a character pitch with DC Shoes, a kid targeted health PSA animation with Cartoon Network and a beautiful splash screen for sound designer David Kamp. If you want to see more, check out Molinet’s appropriately named site, Le Bureau des Monstres.


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