Art Island: Artistic Video Postcards


Andrew Melikov is a wedding photographer by trade, but he is no ordinary wedding photographer. While capturing the big day for couples pays the bills, his work goes far beyond the white dresses and engagement rings. With many of the weddings in exotic locales around the globe he has taken to making video postcards that capture the destinations in an incredibly artistic way. With music backgrounds these video shorts leave you with a sense of wanderlust that will have you searching your favorite airfare sites for the latest cheap flight to somewhere exotic.

From Indonesia to Thailand to Malaysia, Melikov’s videos whisk you away to another place for a few minutes. He is a true master of the camera, with both stills and video which capture more than just simple straight-forward visuals. His work has movement that will keep you wanting more. His company is called Art Island and while the website is mostly in Russian, a quick Google translation will allow for digging a little deeper into his work. Be careful, it may be hard to go back to work after watching these.

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