The Urban Landscape Transformed by Geometric Tape

Urban spaces transform into florescent geometric illusions in artist Aakash Nihalani’s unique yet temporal works. He uses bright lines of tape to single out elements of the city landscape, giving them the look of having more dimensions than they actually have: doorways pop out of their flat walls, homeless people sit on seemingly raised platforms and highlighted bricks fall out of place.

Nihalani follows an intuitive approach to his art, often creating the pieces from gut instinct on the spot. He carefully keeps the designs in visual perspective, overriding the real forms of his urban canvas and creating isometric rectangles and squares that appear to float above the surface. Many of his pieces are so well done they look to be computer generated… but don’t be fooled, this is all tape.


Why create such works? Rather than “trying to push a certain highbrow logic or philosophy” as he puts it, Nihalani strives to have fun with his projects, giving people a chance to re-examine their daily environments and see them through fresh eyes. It’s a unique way to jolt people out of their routines and into seeing the colorful world available to them. For more of Nihalani’s unique work, including some entertaining videos, swing by his website or blog, then follow him on Twitter and Flickr.

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