Dream Diary: Unsettling Images from a Slumbering Mind

Alright, I just posted about an app that can control your dreams, but these dream themed illustrations were just too cool to pass up. To me they look a lot like the drawings you’d find in a home improvement book about tile and masonry work or something titled “101 House Cleaning Tips Your Mom Never Told You”… only these images have a unnervingly surreal subject matter that takes them in a completely different direction.

The images are the works of artist Vaka Valo and the ongoing series “Dream Diary.” Almost no information is available on the images, leaving us to wonder if these are actually dreams had by the artist or not… however if they are, there are some very distinct themes running throughout: bodies in sleeping or deathly slumber getting unusual treatment from other people. Some are cleaned and polished, others are built into tile floors, and some are taped to the wall.

The images certainly do remind one of the randomness of many dreams. We can wake in the morning wondering what the heck something meant, pondering what it could possibly say about what is happening deep in our subconscious. For more of Vaka Valo’s interesting work, and more dreams to come, head to vakavalo.com.



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