108 Years of Joy from an Optimistic Holocaust Survivor

Ready for some inspiration? So often now, with the world full of young people on the internet, we miss the voices of those who have more life experience under their belt. Alice Herz Sommer is certainly one of these individuals, having lived a long 108 years, surviving the horrors of the holocaust where she lost much of her family, and yet still carries a smile on her face wherever she goes and even continues to play the piano 3 hours a day. What makes this outstanding woman keep such a happy and positive outlook on life? Here she enlightens self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins in an endearing interview sure to motivate and inspire you.

Sommer’s outlook on life is reminiscent of the writings of Victor Frankl, another survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, who later developed a psychotherapeutic method of finding meaning in all forms of existence, even the most trying ones. Her philosophy of always looking back in life, focusing on thankfulness and always smiling even through the hard things, are an inspiring look at the power of clearly deciding ones perspective and thus altering the course of your life for the positive… and it’s in stark contrast to her twin sister who lived life as a pessimist.

For more about Sommer’s incredible life and how she continues to put a smile on her face each day, you can read her book A Garden of Eden in Hell, which she authored at the young age of 104 years old.


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