Handicapped Cars or Hover Cars?

If Mad Max hadn’t been so dystopian, you could imagine these unusual shiny cars cruising the streets of the post-apocalyptic future, rebuilt from the remains of classic muscle cars and updated with the latest future hover technology. The strange autos from German artist Beni Bischof, remix car photos from around the internet, removing their wheels with photoshop, smoothing their lines and giving them a plethora of headlights. These aren’t really intended to be hover cars though… they’re a vision of Bischof’s strange reworking of daily life when it’s no longer fully functional.


Part of his Handicapped Cars series, Bischof has an aesthetic that ranges from the attractive to the disturbingly bizarre. His works remix everyday imagery and objects into something far from their original purpose or message. He works in drawing, painting, sculpture and print, creating an interesting reinterpreted world which leads us to question our preconceived ideas of what things mean and how they are used. His sculptures, often covered in spray paint and glued on objects, are as interesting as they are quietly disturbing. You can see more of his unique vision at benibischof.ch.

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