Dream:ON – An App Designed to Control Your Dreams

Are you ready to start having incredibly different dreams? Are you ready to be part of a mass sleep experiment at the same time? Dream:ON, a new free app, aims to conduct the largest dream experiment ever, using an iPhone to guide your dreams just before you wake using imaginatively designed soundscapes. For anyone fond of adventures in their sleep, this app is seriously intriguing.

How does the experiment work? By setting both an alarm and a soundscape on the phone, the app uses the iPhone’s internal motion sensor to monitor your sleep cycle for a time when you are laying still, a good indicator of when you are dreaming in REM sleep. Then, about 20 minutes before your scheduled wake-up alarm, the app starts gently playing your chosen dreamscape soundtrack. What happens next will probably vary for different users, depending on how easily they dream and how often they have used the app… but, the idea is that the music will start influencing your subconscious and alter your dream. With choices like Wild West, Travel the World and Ocean View, it’s very tempting to get with it and fall asleep right now.

Some of the features the app includes are rather social and fun. The app allows users to log their dreams and share them via Twitter and Facebook. In the latter, you can even tag your friends that appeared in the dream (which may cause some awkwardness depending on the dream). The free app comes loaded with two soundscapes and offers other options for a fee. Additionally, the app graphs your sleep cycles throughout the night and works as a smart alarm clock to wake you at the opportune moment when you are in shallow “jump out of bed” sleep. Find out more and get it on your iPhone or iPad at the iTunes store. Ok, now off to dreamland!


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