Young Republican Women Partying Hard

Remember the good old days? The days when instead of playing scrabble and angry birds on your phone you just smoked, played poker and enjoyed a good striptease show? You don’t do you? Well, the ladies of the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, Connecticut sure do!

Back in 1941 before the United States had officially entered World War II, these ladies decided to have a little fun on their own. In a time where women were expected to stay home while their husbands go enjoy the pleasures of a “smoker” (an informal social gathering for men only), the girls over in Milford decided it was time to throw a little party of their own and show the boys (and LIFE magazine) just how good of a time they could have.

The girls got together and had plenty of special fruit punch, cigars, cigarettes and pipes (unknown if tobacco or something else) and of course the playing cards. Then after everyone had a a good gamble, drink and smoke, they got together and witnessed a mild striptease and a wrestling match! When it was time to try to go home, there were plenty of remnants of the night’s exploits. The minutes of the meeting were distributed the following week. [see_also]

via LIFE

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