Bizarre Animations from Library of Congress Photos

If the geniuses behind Monty Python had been working a number of decades earlier, their films might have looked a lot like these quirky remixed photographs from Flux Machine, the strange blog of Kevin Weir. Using vintage imagery from The Library of Congress, Weir cuts and animates his moving GIFs in a style reminiscent of the Flying Circus’ animations, creating something otherworldly and in this case, even a little creepy. Black and white images of russian Czars, german soldiers and even entire buildings, first appear as if they are the original print, then they quickly morph into something bizarre, unexpected and often amusing.


So here’s a free idea (ok, actually I just want to see this done): with all this remixing of vintage photography into new forms, what about taking this into movie form? We’ve already seen reworked versions of the first Star Wars films, including added footage and updated scenes. We are seeing movies like Titanic and Beauty and the Beast translated into impressive 3D from their original flat forms. What about taking a vintage film — maybe something silent and iconic like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis — and adding bizarre but remarkable movie effects like this work from Kevin Weir? The film would certainly take on a new form, possibly even a new story altogether, and in the end we would have a familiar film unlike any other… after all, everything is a remix.

For more of Kevin Weir’s excellent and ongoing vintage photo remixes, see his tumblr blog Flux Machine.


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