Tracking Your Team Through the Baseball Season

Here in the States, Baseball season is upon us and the country is looking forward to a long and exciting year of stolen bases, double-plays and epic walk-off home runs. How are things going to pan out for your team? This beautiful interactive poster helps you track the data of your favorite team, game by game, through the full season… by the time October rolls around you’ll have a full, ready to frame visualization of how your team faired, from first pitch to their final standings.

What makes this poster so interesting is the way it allows you to see your teams playing patterns throughout the year. Was there a freak snowstorm that canceled a game? Did someone throw a no-hitter? You’ll be able to see if or how that event effected the team after the event.

The poster includes spaces for 182 games and the tracking of many figures: total home runs, wins and losses (by how many runs), whether a home or road game, who your team played and more. The poster also tracks some of fun personal data like your game attendance and the concessions you consumed. Ready to pull out your red pen and start tracking? The poster, created by Jared Fanning, will be available soon at

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