Rear Window Exposed: The Movie Set in One Frame

With a little dissecting, Photoshop and After Effects, Jeff Desom reveals the entirety of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” set. For all of you who have seen this film, you will understand why this panoramic view is so fascinating. As the plot flowed from window to window in the original film, the world on the movie screen seemed so much larger. Now we can not only see the entire set, but also see the events of the movie happening in sync with the actual movie plot.

As to the actual construction of the time-lapse video, you can see how he stitched together all of the separate frames and scenes from the movie to create this beautiful panoramic neighborhood. I was amazed by how wonderful the lighting was on the set after seeing it all at once, especially the changing sky. Luckily for Jeff, the film was almost completely shot at the same angle, which aided in his creating the video. We owe him a big thanks for this nostalgic revisit and fresh take on such an amazing film.

See more of how he made the film here.

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