Visual News Van #5 – Lovely Lettering by Katie Daisy

Sometimes the most simple pleasures in life can be the most meaningful. Katie Daisy, a wandering artist who grew up on a small farm in Illinois, draws inspiration from rural life and the natural world. She believes her life’s purpose is “to share a message of joy, love, and light through art-making while inspiring others to discover their passion.”

We met Katie at a live music venue/coffee shop in Austin at SXSW. Paul was admiring musician Luke Redfield’s album art, which turned out to be illustrated by his girlfriend, Katie Daisy. Although she was too shy for an interview, we had a wonderful time getting to know Katie and looking at her beautiful designs. She is as joyful and colorful as her illustrations!

Aside from album art design, the 24 year old’s beautiful, prairie inspired artwork has been used by clients such as Target, American Greetings, HGTV, and more. She even has a line of patterns on iPhone cases for Uncommon coming out soon! It’s wonderful to see someone so young following her dreams, spreading joy and getting some of the recognition she deserves!

Check out more amazing illustrations by Katie Daisy on her website, Blogspot, and Flickr. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter, and her work is available for purchase on Etsy!

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