What To Do On Your Lunch Hour? Have a Dance Party!

People go to work, bring their lunches with them or eat out, and after a while it becomes… well, normal. It can be easy to get into the routine of work, eat, work, go home and it feels like the days weren’t as exciting as you wish they would be.

Meet LunchBeat, a lunch hour dance party that started a little over a year ago in Sweden. With the objective to re-energize oneself and brighten up the routine workday, a group of Swedes organized the first dance party in an underground parking lot during their one hour lunch break. The rules? If you go, you have to dance. What’s the point in going if you’re not going to shake it?


LunchBeat has growing like crazy since the underground lot event and has now spread throughout Sweden and other European countries. If you can add some dancing to your workday, why not? There’s no alcohol or club clothing going on, but all sorts of various employees just dancing their socks off for an hour before going back to their workspace, usually coming back a bit sweaty and feeling rejuvenated.

Check out  the LunchBeat website and maybe you may want to start your own local party. Dancing has always been part of the human spirit. Incorporating it into daily life is probably a good and healthy thing. Let’s dance!

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