Quirky Characters with a Lot of Charm

When it comes to inventive character design, from robot-like people with antlers to squiggly squidboys, Harry Nesbitt has serious game. His figures pop off the page with loads of endearing, quirky personality, all while creating solid identities for his clients. As far as his craft is concerned, one word comes to mind: polished. His crisp, line heavy illustration style is perfect for web based media, garnering him a lot of praise and some seriously cool clients in recent years.

One of his latest projects has seen him re-branding the creative characters over at Realmac (creators of the much anticipated and applauded app Clear), giving each member a witty avatar to represent themselves around the net. Before that he worked on a cute iPad based children’s story called A Bear Ate All the Brussels Sprouts, featuring a highly imaginative protagonist and engaging interactive functions.

Nesbitt is based out of southwest England. His diverse talents run from character design, editorial & book illustration to graphic design, web design and web development. What’s next for this creative fellow? We’re sure it will be lovely. See more at harrynesbitt.com or find him at Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo.

Don’t think these illustrations are all done on the computer screen! Nesbitt’s technique focuses as much on pen and paper as on pixels.

A Bear Ate All the Brussel Sprouts: an interactive story for the iPad, now available at the app store. He was given the “tantalizingly simple” instructions to create a story using said title with much artistic freedom… Nesbitt says he could readily identify with the stories protagonist.

Talk about cool character design! Nesbitt was asked to do a full overhaul of avatars for the team over at Realmac (creators of the much buzzed Clear app). The characters are now used on their blog and around the net for their online identities.


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