Magic Photography from the Woods to the Sea

Standing unsupported on the damp, leaf covered forest floor, a picture frame reveals the woods through its empty form… and something more. Through the frame, the torso of a mans body wearily crawls, arms outstretched and searching, as if from another world. Such is the mysterious photography of Kevin Corrado. His peaceful, yet slightly unsettling works are beautiful in their simplicity and in the way that they each tell an intriguing but incomplete story. With these stunning images there’s always more than meets the eye.


One part of the story, which Corrado’s works hide well, is that he only recently found a passion for photography. Obviously the passion really took root, because he already has a large body of work to show; from the surreal to the simply beautiful, from the woods to the ocean. Currently he is studying graphic design at the University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut, and considering the quality of this work, we’re excited to see what he creates. Find out more about Corrado (aka Corrcreation) on Flickr and friend him up on Facebook here and here.

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