Headshots: Happy Toys In Real Life

Ok, I’m predicting a new meme… or at least someone out there should kick it off: Photoshopping kids toys onto your own head. These perfectly executed photographs take the heads from favorite movies like Toy Story, Star Wars and Bambi (ok, and a random cat because it’s the internet) and places them perfectly on the head of a human. Instead of looking like simply a mask or a sticker, the matched hues, lighting and orientation give them an all together lifelike appearance… almost enough to believe these characters are real. So, what’s next? He-man? Care Bears? Wall E? Consider it your daily photoshop challenge.


The creative series, called Headshots, was made by graphic design collective Hello I’m Wild out of Lille, France. Composed of graphic artist and photographer Caroline Sauvage and 3D designer Marion Audefray, the duo just teamed up last year but already have quite a bit of work to show. From gaming character design to artful collage photography and brochure design, they’ve got a pretty diverse skill-set for two people and we certainly look forward to what the future holds. You can find out more here.


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