Visual News Van #3: DMX & MGK- Behind the Scenes

DMX is back! The rapper’s newest album, “Undisputed” was scheduled to drop today (March 27, 2012). For his latest music video, “I Don’t Dance”, DMX collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly. The Behind the Scenes video short was directed by film maker, Jake Janisse, who Jessica Czeck and I had the pleasure of meeting along our journey in the Visual News Van.

Although he is only in his second year of film study at Brooks Institute, Jake Janisse is quite the go-getter and has connected himself so well that he was asked from 2 different sources to shoot the production stills and behind the scenes footage for the DMX-MGK music video: producer Cavie Cross and director John Colombo. When Jake comes across someone of interest in the film industry, he initiates dialogue and creates mutually beneficial relationships and this has connected him to some amazing people in the film industry.

The video was shot at Exchange LA (an old Stock Exchange building turned club) and was Jake’s first experience with shooting all of the production stills as well as behind the scenes video. Jake claims:

There is a fine line between getting what you want and not getting in the way and not being a fly on the wall. I know where and when I can move from being around production all the time for past 2 years at school.

Jake believes that the visual medium for picture and sound is the most powerful medium for affecting people and loves the human element of his work. Since he has been pursuing film, he has said that there’s no better feeling on Earth than setting out to accomplish something and getting there. Check out more of Jake’s amazing work on his Vimeo channel and find out what he’s doing next on Facebook.

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