Why is Pinterest So Addictive?

Why is Pinterest So Addictive?

Over the last six months, Pinterest has seen itself explode all over the Internet, quickly becoming the rising star of the social media scene in a big way. From September 2011 to February 2012, the monthly unique visits to the Pinterest site grew over 866 percent. Pinterest is also beginning to give its rivals – Tumblr and Facebook – a run for their money when it comes to time spent on the respective sites. There are a few reasons why Pinterest has been performing so well: the design of the site, its massive appeal to a broad audience, a place of refuge from Twitter/Facebook, and its accessibility.

Probably the biggest draw to Pinterest, and its secret weapon, is the simplicity of its design. The unlimited scrolling allows people to browse through content in an almost mesmerized state, visually scanning images with the action buttons hidden until they are scrolled over. Not too different, Pinterest also satisfies the Internet addiction of hoarding images and content. Have a certain interest? There’s a board for that.

Another draw is that people are tired of being on Facebook and Twitter all day, which makes Pinterest a great alternative hangout for sharing content. The ease of their great browser plug-in, which allows you to always have access no matter where you are on the Internet, makes publishing to the site a breeze.

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