Spooky Illustrations Are Surprisingly Beautiful

Sam Wolfe Connelly’s Twitter says “I rob graves and draw the treasure I find” — and that may be the very best description of his fantastically macabre illustrations. Each has a dark and blurred atmosphere to its execution, a foggy essence that like a good storybook, only reveals its hidden secrets upon closer inspection. Connelly’s subjects are ghosts, death, eerie creatures, the unknown: all rendered in his highly polished graphite to digital style.


Not surprisingly, this young New York based artist has seen his work featured in a number of galleries nation wide, while also featuring in or on a number of high profile publications and books. Some of his notable clients include Playboy Magazine, Hasbro, Bitch Magazine and Coheed & Cambria. The illustration above is gracing the cover of Hitchers by Will McIntosh.

For more of Connelly’s superb work, see his blog, friend him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter or just go check out his excellent website.


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