Collectables Remixed With Real Honeycombs

Not only are bees a vital part of the human existence, providing pollination for our crops and the holy goodness that is honey, but they happen to create combs of high esthetic value to art collectors as well! Have you been thinking about starting your own beehive or have one already? How about throwing a collectible inside the hive; i.e. a figurine, vintage sports equipment, tablecloths — just to see how the honeybees react to the objects. It’s a strange idea, but that’s exactly what this very different artist is doing.

Canadian artist Anganetha Dyck has a fascination with this interaction of bees and objects; how their unique behavior can transform an existing piece of art, for example, into a natural creation. She first started with sculpting and drawing her passion, and from there became a beekeeper harmoniously working with the bees to create this uniquely mixed media. Bee-keeping season only consists of 7-9 weeks a year, during which Dyck makes plenty of time for travel to different habitats. Three months of the year she spends time in Troyes, France working and researching the ancient bee walls at Passages Centre d’art Comtemporian. See Aganetha’s work at The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois and in The McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario. Check out more collaborative works on her profile on

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