Space Race: Huge Graphic Reveals the Size of Our Galaxy

The people over at Future, a wing of the BBC, have been hard at work thinking of a question bigger than this: how big is space? They tried and tried, and when they were stumped as to what could possibly be bigger than space, they set out to illustrate it. What transpired is something colossal. Something so big it couldn’t be squeezed into one image in Photoshop, but four separate images that had to be stitched together for out viewing pleasure. Printed out, the graphic spans 27 pages of A4 paper.

At this grand size, Future only managed to get to the edge of our Solar System – known as the heliosphere. It’s a long way to go and there’s a ton of interesting stuff packed in there. Questions answered in this graphic are: What is the farthest distance travelled by a human being? What is the farthest travelled piece of Lego? Most importantly — how long would these journeys take if you were a passenger on the Starship Enterprise?

Scroll (and scroll…and scroll) through the monster infographic to explore the reaches of our solar system.

See the full graphic in its full glory on the BBC site, here.

via: BBC Future

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