Mirrored People in the Forest

Next time you find yourself walking in the forests of Scotland, look for mirrored people. Located on the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge, “Vestige” is an art installation created by Rob Mulholland. A contemporary sculptor and installation artist based in Scotland, he had originally intended for the six mirrored people (three women and three men) to be temporary. Hikers passing through the forest enjoyed the displays so much however, that it has now become a permanent art installation for all to enjoy.

The vision behind the art is twofold: 1) to create a vestige of the people who once occupied the land until World War I, when they were re-located while forests were planted to generate timber and; 2) to make people “reflect” upon man’s impact on nature.


For more of Rob Mulholland’s works check here

via Collabcubed

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