Animated Typeface That Folds Like Origami

We really like origami and typography here at Visual News, so when we ran across this new animated origami/kirigami inspired typeface by Calango, we where smitten. You heard that right, too: it’s an animated typeface designed in After Effects, which can be fully customized for your next film or animation. If moving images aren’t your thing though, they’ve also produced a static version which is free if you like them on Facebook (it’s a small price to pay).

What elements of the typeface are customizable? You can adjust the colors, angle of the folds, the light position, shadow darkness and even shadow diffusion.

The free static version includes a font with three styles (color, folds and shadow) which can be stacked on top of each other to form the complete typeface. The animated version requires Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher. The download includes a screencast with detailed user guide. If you don’t have After Effects, they’ve included an Adobe Illustrator file which has all the glyphs conveniently on one canvas. Get the free static font here.

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