Endearing Monster Drawings Pop From the Screen

It seems like the web is being overrun by animates GIF images, from short movie clips to 3D photographs that trick us into seeing all their dimensions… but to see an artist who makes his own artwork look 3D, that is very unique. These imaginative monster drawings look a lot like a cross between the cartoon work of Matt Groening and the linear qualities of the late Maurice Sendak, complete with friendly looking monsters. Seattle based illustrator/artist Dain Fagerholm has taken his original pen based artwork and remixed it in stereographic GIF form, giving his images the pop of simulated 3D.


The challenge of converting a flat drawing into a 3D image, as in these pictures, is figuring out what is in the foreground or background and then accurately making those portions of the image move in opposite directions to simulate depth. You can see an good example of the job Fagerholm has done with this technique by looking at the hole below the red monster above. Notice how the hole has depth? That’s skill. For more of these endearing little monsters, you can find Fagerholm’s drawings on his Blogspot, flickr or his very unique tumblr (NSFW). You can connect through Facebook or Twitter.

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