All I Own: Peoples Possessions Up Against the Wall

What would everything you own look like against one wall? Photographer Sannah Kvist gave her subjects a simple but fun assignment: take all your worldly possessions and build a sculpture in any way you want. In the case of some, that sculpture might look like a mountain, but in the case of these young people from Sweden, they just have a small pile. All of her subjects where born in the 80’s, which is part of the charm of the portraits and an explanation of why they own so few things.

How would you stack your belongings? These people mostly choose to stack their stuff in the corner, a few getting more creative or organized than the others… and one guy just sits on top of his pile. Sannah reports that while people initially created their stack quickly, progress would slow as they chose which important items to feature in the front: they were proud of some things more than others.

“It was the portrait of a generation. All sitters were born in the eighties, just like me. This generation is the first in Sweden which is financially worse off than their parents. It has been described by critics as extremely selfish and [more] materialistic than previous generations.” (translated from German)

Sannah hasn’t gotten to the bottom of whether this generation is truly more focused on stuff, but the project is ongoing so she may just find out. To see more of her work, which she says focuses around “youth and death and the fact that I think,” head to her website Also check out her Flickr, Tumblr and friend her up on Facebook.



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