Graphing The Comeback: A Browser You Love(d) to Hate

What defines a comeback? By most accounts, it’s overcoming apparently insurmountable odds stacked against success, pushing through all boundaries, and dramatically trouncing the competition. In sports, figures like Lance Armstrong and George Foreman come to mind… while in the celebrity world people like Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr. could top the list. But, what if that comeback came from an internet browser?

A lot of good things are being said about the most recent release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Version 9 looks to not only fix many of the issues people have had with the standard Windows issued browser, but the new version actually beats out many of its competitors on a lot of important details (one of them being HTML5 compatibility). To humorously look at some less famous comebacks through history, the funny Microsoft site “The Browser You Loved to Hate” has put up some really amazing graphs charting everything from the history of using birds for sending messages to the popularity of riding difficult bicycles. To see more on what sets IE9 apart, check out

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