Want to Smile? Whimsical Illustrations by Randy Otter

If you want to add some sunshine to your long day, look no further than the clever, entertaining and even cute illustrations of Randy Otter (aka Aaron Jay). Each of his images treats us to a laugh as soon as the underlying meaning jumps out and tickles our brain… from the subtle to the overt, these are sure to entertain, if not make you think a little.

Not satisfied to simply rely on clever hidden meanings, Randy Otters strong talent for character design and super crisp presentation easily stand on their own. His works have quickly gained a lot of love over at Threadless T-shirts, where he’s had a load of designs turned into wearable versions (it’s also pretty cool to see the progression of his work over the years). Hailing from Southampton, UK, he graduated from Coventry University with an 2.1 Honors degree in Illustration.

You can find out more about his work by following him on Facebook, seeing his website randyotter.com or checking out his extensive flickr feed.

Via: abduzeedo.com

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