Subwing: Soaring Beneath The Waves

Looking like a sublime mix between flying, snorkeling and wake boarding, the new Subwing has got to be the coolest new toy I’ve seen lately. The twin winged device — which looks like something out of a Keaton era Batman flick — allows the user to fly and roll underwater much like a stingray. Propulsion for the Subwing is provided by a tow rope from a boat on the surface; either a power boat, jet ski or as its developer Simon Sivertsen first used, even a sailboat. That last option would make this not only extremely cool looking, but also fuel friendly too.

The story of how Sivertsen came up with the concept is pretty cool. The idea came to him while he and his family were on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean sea. A piece of driftwood floated past the boat and Sivertsen scooped it up, attached a rope to it and went for his first ride. Seeing lots of room for improvement, he later grabbed two cutting boards and some garden hose at an Italian market. Those parts became the first two winged version. Now, many improvements later, they have a full carbon fiber wing, with rubber grips on the leading edge for your hands. On the trailing end of the wing is a rubber triangle allowing you to fly one-handed in case you need to clear your ears.

Ready to soar beneath the waves? You can find out more at

Via: tywkiwdbi

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