The United Zipcodes of Craigslist

When you visit the Craigslist website, the first thing you usually do is select the region you want to search within. Those Craigslist defined boundaries are sometimes pretty broad, from the San Francisco Bay Area to the entire state of Maine. A while ago, John Nelson of IDV User Experience created a very intriguing map based on those boundaries which is both useful as a window into what the Craigslist folks view as our local regions and as a targeted marketing reference. Now, Nelson has created an even more useful map, this time visualizing the nations zip codes which fall within the Craigslist boundaries.

What makes this map especially interesting is the way that it re-organizes, or more correctly re-combines the Zip Codes into regions that people consider close to home… and that means we are looking at a map not composed of states, but rather one which more closely represents what we really consider our boundaries.

Should you find this information interesting or useful, Nelson has posted the entire set of data he used to create the map. You can click here or the map for a full sized view complete with Craigslist URLs:

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