Inadvertent Haiku: News in 17 Syllables

There have been many clever ways of portraying current news, but this one deserves some attention. As an ongoing collaboration project created by Koseli Cummings of K&©, he created Inadvertent Haiku. Each entry is a summation of current affairs in just 17 syllables, in a style they refer to as, “kind of a Félix Fénéon meets Auto-Tune the News.” To make the project even better they often marry those haikus with editorial illustrations done by a list of talented illustrators.

At first glance, it may be tricky making the connection between the green and gold-themed illustrations and the haiku, but that is what makes it even more intriguing. Neither the image or the haiku tell you the full story, which is why there is always a link to the full article. Leaving it to you to discover the wit and humor hidden within the remarkably clever haikus and illustrations.

See all the illustrations in context, teamed up with their haiku, and discover the participating illustrators here.

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