The Incredible, Invisible Mercedes

Hydrogen powered fuel-cell vehicles only produce one thing as they drive about: a tiny bit of water vapor. Because most of the world is made of the stuff, this makes them nearly invisible to the environment. Taking a cue from this fact, when Mercedes recently decided to promote their new F-Cell concept vehicle along with its zero emissions, they created this incredibly smart promotion to get the point across convincingly… even if it was a little hard to see.

By covering one side of their small van with a mat of LEDs and mounting a video recording Canon 5D Mark II camera on the other side, they where able to simultaneously capture footage behind the car and display it on the other side. The effect renders the vehicle nearly invisible from the side, and even if the effect isn’t always perfectly convincing, the looks on peoples faces say it’s plenty entertaining.

How could this technology be used in everyday life? This concept seems like something the clubbing scene could really get behind. Rolling up to a venue with your car flashing in and out of reality would definitely draw some attention. For that matter, the sides of trucks could easily have mats installed for advertising or for better blending in with the city.

Via: mashable

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