Freaky Figures From Combined Album Covers

Long before the sleeve faces meme hit the internet… in fact, before the internet was even around, Christian Marclay was making hilarious collages by combining vinyl record covers. His creative arrangements take famous musicians cover imagery, from Jim Morrison and the Beastie Boys to Michael Jackson and David Bowie, and combines them nearly seamlessly with other artists to form some pretty strange figures.

Not only are these combinations entertaining, they also lead one to wonder what collaborations between these artists would sound like. Tom Jones singing Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry? Bon Jovi belting U2’s Beautiful Day? It’s all in the realm of possibility with this art.

For you audiophiles out there (if you’re wondering), this is the Christian Marclay known for his 1980s musical pioneering. He is a famous DJ and composer who used records and turntables as musical instruments to create wild sound collages of various artists, much like his artwork collages various famous figures. Sometimes he’d take records and scratch them to create un-ending loops of sound. In the words of critic Thom Jurek, Marclay was perhaps the “unwitting inventor of turntablism.” You can read more about him on wikipedia or see other examples of his art at


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