Arcano: A Font Made of Calligraphy

Isn’t it wonderful when modern technology takes something old, and instead of lessening its meaning and beauty, instead enhances it, making it something beautifully accessible for all? Doing just that, this aptly named new set of glyphs was created over a painstakingly long four months of hand-crafted work. Arcano is a new type set which was completely designed by hand, letter by letter, to create a surprisingly modern look using the classic forms of calligraphy. Inspired by a variety of forms, from nature, to symbols, icons, jewels and many more, the result is something classically modern.

To create the set for the typographical design house Resistenza, co-founder Giuseppe Salerno used Chinese ink on Japanese calligraphy paper. He then digitally transformed each of his works, creating both font and vector versions. Currently only an upper-case version is available, with the possibility of a lower-case being created in the future. For more information, or to purchase versions of this beautiful font, see its official website.

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