bike 11- paul

We Love Friday! Bicycles

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to our second installment of We Love Friday! This week our theme was bicycles. We asked our team to take some Instagram shots of bikes and chose the best ones to share with our lovely readers!

Strings Are Stronger than Guns

Masoud Bwisri has become a star in Libya since the start of the revolution last year. As the protests turned into a fight for freedom, Bwisri marched on the front lines with his guitar side by side with machine guns ...

3D Elevator Illusion Shocks London Shoppers

If you saw a warning sign outside an elevator shaft, would you still press the button and wait for the doors to open, or would you take the stairs? In the case of one London elevator, if you did wait, ...
Takanori Aiba Intricate Building Sculptures 4

Intricate Building Sculptures in the Bonsai Style

These astoundingly intricate miniatures are so complex and so dreamlike they make one want to get closer and closer until you actually walk their many looping stairs and paths. Designed and built by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba, most of his ...

Superhero Mathematics 101

Okay kids, get excited, because it’s time for an elementary mathematics lesson in superheros! What do you get when you take one man and subtract his heart? Italian graphic designer Matt Cowan’s clever illustrations say the answer is non-other than ...

How Do You Spot a Tumblr User?

Tumblr is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms on the internet, with nearly 43 million blogs and counting, reblogging animated gifs and feminist Ryan Gosling memes have never been so popular. Tumblr is an interesting ecosystem, with a large part ...