50 Year Old Photos Transformed Into Surreal GIFs

Designer and artist Cari Vander Yacht works for the well known advertising company Wieden+Kennedy by day… but by night she paints and works on experimental projects like this wonderfully surreal series “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format).
fred eerdekens light typography 12

Illusion Typography: Object Shadows Create Sentences

When artist Fred Eerdekens sees objects, he doesn’t just observe their form, but also the form which they can create. His highly unique sculptures use everyday objects like cereal boxes, bits of wire and even bushes, to make carefully planned ...
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RAW SF Exhibition: The Astral Journey Of DeLa

Using our dreams as a source of inspiration can sometimes be an amazing tool for creating a masterpiece. The artwork by painter DeLa Cruz takes you on an astral voyage through his unique universe and the colorful aspects of a ...
Faith Departed 1

To See What Remains: Haunting Images of the Past

Described as a “conceptual documentary photographer, Irish-born, David Creedon, offers the world a haunting and unique view into the effects of the massive emigration from Ireland between 1949 and 1989 in his dramatic photographic collection, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed. ...

Artistic Manhole Covers From Around the World

Even though they’re right under our car tires and sometimes our feet, it’s not very often that we notice the manhole covers that dot our city streets. These prolific round disks of metal hide the subterranean infrastructure of the world, ...
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Talk to Your Kids About Art

This is your brain on art. Michigan-based agency Team Detroit came up with a hilarious print ad campaign that satirizes the “Talk to your kids about drugs” movement.