God Spotted On The Streets Of New York

Has anyone ever told you that God is all around you? Well… we have the photographs to prove it! He’s the guy that rode by on a motorcycle this morning and stole your wallet. He’s also the guy at the ...
Koen Demuynck 1

Sensational and Bizarre: Marvel-ous Photos

It is always a pleasure to come across contemporary artists with out-of-the-ordinary concepts, that cause us to marvel at their unique talents. One such artist, photographer, and creative thinker, Koen Demuynck is an amazing designer of fantastically surreal pictures.
1-Maddie- Detroit, MI

Maddie Stands on Things All Over the Country

Described as “a super serious project about dogs and physics”, Maddie the Coonhound is a collection of photographs by Theron Humphrey that will continue to grow- almost daily- over the next 6 months. The photographer is bringing his best friend, ...
The Holstee Manifesto

Manifesto Fever

The viral potential of a creative and thought-provoking manifesto has been proven by brands like lululemon and Holstee who have grabbed the attention of millions of viewers, both online and off. These manifestos contain words of intention and inspiration, and ...
Greenpeace Become David 1

Greenpeace Pits David Against Earth Eating Goliaths

Whether you love or hate the world environmental organization Greenpeace, they certainly do come up with some clever, attractive and maybe even effective advertising campaigns. Part of a new initiative, these beautiful black and white illustrations see a tiny, inflatable ...

Doggy District: Leather Jackets & Bum Attire on Dogs

The internet is buzzing 24/7 with pictures of cute animals, and sometimes it seems that any conversation dealing with something online comes back to: “Oh my gosh, did you see that cute puppy picture on Facebook? I almost died.” Sometimes we ...