How Much Does Solar Cost in Your State?

Solar is a great way to get yourself free from the power grid and take control of your own energy generation, while also helping to drastically lower your impact on the environment. Solar panels last a long time too, once you’ve installed them, they often provide reliable power for well over 20 years, silently generating electricity with little to no maintenance. Sounds great! So why are people slow to implement this fantastic technology? The initial cost of solar is sometimes prohibitive for families, especially if their energy needs are high. This graphic by One Block Off the Grid, uses over 45,000 results from their online solar cost estimation tool to show what you can expect, on average, in your state.

The graphic explores four points: how much solar costs in your state, what you could save every month, what you could save over time, how long your solar setup will take to pay for itself. Not surprisingly, sunny states like California tend to have some of the lowest prices on solar, while also providing some of the highest savings over time. However, that doesn’t mean northerns states can’t make financial sense: New York state provides such good incentives on solar purchases, you can actually pay off your system faster there than in California.

What is One Block Off the Grid? With the goal of helping more people go solar, they facilitate group deals on panels, equipment and installation so that families get the best possible price for their new setup. Currently they have helped provide those deals in over 40 U.S. states, bringing clean energy to thousands of homeowners. For more information on how to go solar yourself, check out

Click here or the graphic below for a full-sized view:

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