Au Poil! French Animation Takes It To The Toilette

It’s not to often that you find a story with decided toilet humor which keeps you captivated for 5 minutes, but that’s just the case with this new short: Au Poil! The French language animation brings to life a large cast of interesting characters in its brief running time, introducing us to a host of bathroom accessories with attitude and very different levels of hygiene. It’s a battle for privilege and freedom, all wrapped up in one small bathroom.

I don’t want to spoil the excellent story, but I will tell you that production quality on this film is top notch, from its character design, to its story, animation and sound. The film was created by the France based duo Julie Duverneuil and Nicolas Perraguin, in collaboration with a host of voice actors and Toulouse based art school ESMA… and while the film was actually released 5 months ago, we English speakers just received the subtitled version below. You can find out more about the film at


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