A Hotel Room With A Split Personality

The Marseille France based hotel Au Vieux Panier has rooms that will either put you to sleep in aesthetic comfort or keep you wide awake with fascination. Each room features the designs and artwork of an artist, graphic designer or painter from around the globe, bringing their unique style to the blank canvas of a hotel room. The latest completed room is not their most relaxing addition: it’s very fittingly called “Panic Room.”


Painted in the full spectrum of spray can colors, the room features a shocking treatment by graffiti artist Tilt. With the help of two friends, Tilt gave the room a high fashion look by covering everything on one side of the space with spray paint, while leaving the other side completely un-touched and stark white. The line between the two is so crisp and precise that the bed, vanity and ceiling fixture are only half coated with color. The result is a room with quite a split personality… but one that many of us could get along with just fine. For more on the rooms in this very different hotel, from the tame to the wild, travel to auvieuxpanier.com.

Via: brekend.nl

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