Sensational and Bizarre: Marvel-ous Photos

It is always a pleasure to come across contemporary artists with out-of-the-ordinary concepts, that cause us to marvel at their unique talents. One such artist, photographer, and creative thinker, Koen Demuynck is an amazing designer of fantastically surreal pictures. Most of Demuynck’s time is spent creating advertisements. In fact most of us have seen many of his commercial works without even realizing it. He is currently one of the busiest working photographers in the commercial world. While he does not declare much about himself on his website, his photographs tell a story of an artist with extraordinary vision. His creativity is astounding. So much can be said in a photograph, and Koen delights and amuses us by expressing his odd, funny, and imaginative musings in these incredible works of art. I hope you enjoy perusing his photographs.

To see a complete collection of all of Demuynck’s commercial and non-commercial art visit his website. He can also be found on Facebook, and contacted via email.

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