Doggy District: Leather Jackets & Bum Attire on Dogs

The internet is buzzing 24/7 with pictures of cute animals, and sometimes it seems that any conversation dealing with something online comes back to: “Oh my gosh, did you see that cute puppy picture on Facebook? I almost died.” Sometimes we at Visual News get the eerie feeling the whole internet was created solely for the purpose of entertaining pet people… and no matter how much valuable information lies out there for everyone to discover, sometimes it’s just easier sharing cute, cuddly puppy pictures than one more bloody problem in the world. While we may not agree with this logic — we’re passionate about world news — it’s just an observation that infects our Facebook feed on a daily basis.

This series of photographs by VICE, looks at the darker side of doggy cuteness. The punk rock looking crowd in the top picture reminds us of the good ol’ days at CBGB, when you had to buy a vintage leather motorcycle jacket — sans studs — and then add them yourself. It was also a time before punk rock became just another store in the mall. The scraggly looking ragamuffins dressed in their best homeless attire, actually tugged on our heartstrings and made us want to go and grab them a Milk Bone. The bondage dogs just totally weird us out, and the stripper dogs remind us of hanging out at the Bada Bing in the Sopranos. Check out all the photos from this VICE photoshoot below.

via: VICE


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