The Adventures of Croissant Man!

Let me introduce you to Croissant Man, also know as L’home Croissant ECO PUNK SUPERHERO! His life is a mystery: adventurous and rambunctious. He travels the globe, wrestles his foes, fights crime and spends time with his family. He is the creation of Mexican designer and hotelier Antoni Roixes.

Croissant Man has a vibrant story. He is passionate about saving the environment. His home is in the hip beach town of Tulum, Mexico and his interests consist of saving the sea turtles and in keeping the beaches clean. You can find one of his stickers or billboards around town.

There isn’t much regulation regarding beach maintenance or protecting the sea turtles in Mexico, so Croissant Man, the Eco-Punk Superhero, serves as an advocate and a symbol to the locals and tourists that frequent the area. If you see a Croissant Man billboard, it may say statements like “If you see this poster, do some something good for the beach” or “Save a Sea Turtle.”

For more information on the whereabouts and information of Croissant Man, Look here Antoni Roixes.

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