Mr. Happy Man: 88 Year Old Shares Daily Love

When people first encounter 88 year old Johnny Barnes, standing on a traffic island, waving his arms and blowing kisses at the many cars driving by, they probably wonder about his sanity. Yet, this charming and youthful fellow has more wisdom to share about life and love than almost anyone you’ll encounter. Each day, Barnes spends 6 hours, rain or shine, waving to cars, sharing love with passerby and doing his very best to better the world through his presence. In the beautiful film below, you’ll find he’s far from crazy, but rather has a beautiful and simple philosophy on life from which we can all learn.

The 10 minute short, produced by Matt Morris Films, explores the roots and reasons behind Barnes’ beautiful practice and interviews eight people daily effected by seeing him on their routine journeys.

After years of sharing non-judging love to his home island of Bermuda, it’s no surprise that they recently erected a statue in his honor. Sitting at the roadside, it’s the perfect reminder of his moving, memorable and incredibly loving life statement.

Below, Barnes’ response to the film:


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