Shocking Tape Sculptures Sprinkled Around the World

As technology continues to advance and smart phones are more accessible than ever before, people are beginning to become disconnected from their surroundings. People no longer stop to say hello to strangers because they can be connected to their closest friends instantly in the palms of their hands. Mark Jenkins, an American street installation artist, tries to counteract this detachedness by shocking people into noticing the environment around them. The artist creates life-like sculptures out of packaging tape, some dressed in clothing “to camouflage the art as reality”, and places them in public spaces to get at least a double-take, but sometimes even a call to emergency services! He sees the street as a stage where the passersby are the actors- or in this case “re-actors”- responding to his art. In an interview with Reuters, Jenkins expressed:

I like getting people to question their surroundings, what is real and what isn’t. These days, people are so buried in their mobile phones and I just wanted to get them to look up. So at the beginning, I was collecting social data about people’s reactions. But [now] these images are more about poetry, of capturing a magical moment.

Check out more amazing sculptures on Mark Jenkins’ website. And be sure to stay tuned after the jump to see how Jenkins creates each mannequin using live models (sometimes even himself) and a whole lot of packaging tape. It’s no wonder Scotch wanted to sponsor him!

Lead Image Above: London

Rio de Janeiro:


Winston Salem:

Winston Salem:



Puerto del Rosario:

Washington DC:



Washington DC:

Via: Broadsheet

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