Museum of Obsolete Objects

Just when I was feeling pretty young because I didn’t understand some of my older friends’ pop culture references from the 60‘s & 70’s, I came across this amazing YouTube Channel and realized I’m no spring chicken! The Museum of Obsolete Objects is a catalog of videos- each featuring an archaic apparatus that was once cutting-edge technology and is now relevant only to antique collectors in today’s society. Each video looks like an old-school filmstrip, like the ones Kevin Arnold’s teachers used to use on The Wonder Years (which I only know because I used to watch it in off-network syndication on Nick at Nite). Narrated by a robotic-like voice of the future, it tells the viewer what year the object was invented, what year it became obsolete, and what the device did, showing an example.

Want to feel old? Try counting how many obsolete objects you have used in your lifetime! Do you have any predictions on what current technology is on its way to the Museum of Obsolete Objects?

Follow the Museum of Obsolete Objects on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and their YouTube Channel and be sure to submit any obsolete objects they haven’t covered yet!

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