Maker Spaces: Community Based Product Creation

One of the most exciting new ways to bring products to market has a very community oriented vision: they’re called Maker Spaces. Much like Hacker Spaces, these are tool and knowledge sharing environments where people can experiment with product and business ideas, working on projects from prototyping and fabrication, to fine-tuning of products and even launching businesses. This video, shot by Self Made in Hawaii, is one of the better explorations of these new communal spaces, featuring an interview with Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers.

Maui Makers is one of about 500-1000 world-wide Maker Spaces that have been quickly cropping up. Maui Makers shipping container based workshop includes a ton of fun and useful tools for bringing Hawaiian inventors ideas to life. They provide community use of a laser cutter, 3D printing Maker Bot, an Egg Bot, CNC milling machine, electric welder, vinyl cutter, air-compressor with numerous tools, soldering equipment and more. The shop has enough to produce some pretty creative objects, including touch screen-like tables for a local DJ and custom laser-etched stair risers.

In the case of Maui Makers, the system has already proven itself, helping many aspiring local entrepreneurs to create and start selling products at stores and swap-meets. It’s an exciting beginning to an era where quick and accessible product creation is possible for the masses, giving more and more creative minds the ability to creatively shape our world.


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