Neil Webb: Smart Illustrations With a Classic Flair

Mix one part Mad Men, one part 60s novel covers, a dash of modern life commentary and shake over rocks… and you get Neil Webb’s highly polished editorial illustrations. Webb’s work has a distinctly minimalistic mid-century feel that makes it both classically familiar and easily digestible… but that doesn’t mean that it’s not intensely clever too: his forms often hide double meanings that aren’t at first apparent. Lending to their classic feel, many of his works have a texture that reminds me of 1960s hard cover books, having the look of warn ink lovingly printed on thick, long-lasting canvas binding… just check out his gorgeous covers for The Desert War Trilogy below.

Working out of the UK, Webb’s classic aesthetic is one that is consistently garnering him work in high level periodicals worldwide. He’s done commissioned work for such high level clients as The BBC, The Economist, Verizon, Virgin Atlantic, The Independent, Sony, The Washington Post, Time Out… and I could keep going on for a long time. To see more of webs work you can check out his personal website, see his behance page or follow him on Twitter.


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